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The Moral Wings Project encourages us – in creative ways – to live the basic core values that enable every human being to flourish: Love, Courage, Gratitude, Kindness, Integrity, Respect, Forgiveness, Optimism, Commitment, Honesty, Patience, Generosity.


They correspond to many of life’s attitudes and decisions that are powerful tools to make the difference every day between a weak and a strong character, a passive and a brave one, between a frustrated and a happy person and between a devious and a honest Citizen.


Moral Wings was first envisioned in Italy in March, 2006 and the Italian and English web sites were launched on March, 21st 2011. Beginning in Italy, the campaign “I’m starting with me” has become a global movement that has already involved people from the USA, Australia, Peru, Columbia, Haiti and several others.


When things are fun, they’re cool and easier to learn too. By bringing values into these influential areas of culture, they are seen as the true protagonists they are through: Creative Events (ie: flash mobs), Team Sports (ie: athlete participation), the Youth and School Life (public and private).


Moral Wings is not about others, it’s about me. In what we do, we do not say we are better than someone else, we are not pointing the finger at anyone, we are simply taking the first step. The first effort to forgive, to be kind, to be generous and courageous to make the right decision even when it’s not convenient, easy, or popular. We want to take the first step because change is not about others, it’s about me.

Good for everyone all the time:

These twelve values are universal because they apply in every culture, connecting us as human beings with deeper needs than just emotions and sentiment, transcending ideologies and intellect. They are unchanging because they are not affected by the historical timeline, technology, social events or trends. They are defined the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, they are timeless truth, so they are also what is required for sustainable long-term personal and social development which history proves. They do not slow, stop or damage growth, but rather they maintain the conditions to release the full potential of positive transformation in our lives. Inevitably, they are therapeutic because they have many beneficial effects on our body and mind, proving that we are made for each other…we are born to be courageous, kind, respectful, loved, forgiven and as a result we are happier and fulfilled.

If you would like to learn more about these values and related scientific research, contact us to receive the value booklets.

If you believe like I do in the power of love, courage, patience… do not give up. You’re not alone!  This is the Moral Wings’ challenge. This is my challenge to myself because: I am starting with me.

Will you join me?


Barnaba Ruggieri

Founder Le Ali Morali / Moral wings