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Author: Barnaba Ruggieri

27 Sep Chef Bruno Serato // CNN Top Heroes 2011

BRUNO, A CHEF-TURNED-HERO, WITH A DISH OF PASTA. A talent, used for serving poor children, that is changing his city…and not only that. His name is Bruno Serato, a chef at age 55, from San Bonifacio, Italy. CNN has recently named him in the “Top 20 Heroes...

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27 Sep Liliana Cosi // The Interview

How to be an “étoile”… both in the Arts and in one’s life. She has a career glittered with prestigious awards, from the David of Donatello to the Golden Caravel, to the Italian Superstars award from New York. She is the foreign ballerina with the highest...

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27 Sep William Wilberforce

ABOLITION OF SLAVERY: A DREAM COMES TRUE AND HISTORY IS CHANGED Fifty years of struggle for an ideal. A vision passionately pursued. An entire people group given the right to live as free men. Law re-written on the principle of justice and human equality. Forever opening...

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08 Sep Tunne Kelam

​TUNNE KELAM, European Member of Parliament, comments on how restrengthening Europe`s values is of uttermost importance in order to deal with the current global crisis....

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